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01-14-2019, 01:29 AM
Tom St Claire
Base Pic - Dick Clark
Alignment - Face


General Manager
Kraven Drake
Base Pic - Jared Leto
Alignment - Face


Former General Manager of OCW
Justin Case
Base Pic - Neal Mcdonough
Alignment - Heel

Name : Tozz
Gender : Male
Role : Play by Play Announcer
Alignment : Face
Tozz is OCW's primary play by play announcer. He is a veteran of pro-wrestling and has seen and done it all across the world. A former Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, he calls the action from the announce desk and is not afraid to be overly critical.

Name : Michelle Kole
Gender : Female
Role : Backstage interview
Alignment : Face
Michelle is fresh out of Beauty School and is the eye candy to interview wrestlers backstage. Dumb and clumsy at times, she means to do her best but can occasionally slip up.

Name : Dave Twenteay
Gender : Male
Role : Colour Commentator
Alignment : Heel
Dave is the polar opposite of his broadcast colleague, but is still one of the best Colour Commentators in the industry. He is open to letting people know his feelings, whether they want to or not and he lets his mouth do the talking.

Name : Dr Grant
Gender : Male
Alignment : n/a
Role : Dr Grant is the lead medical expert at OCW, the healer of the bones and the mender of the muscles. He is a dab hand with a staple gun too to help put together busted open heads.