View Full Version : OCW 2019 Rules - Read Before Signing Up

01-17-2019, 08:29 PM
Here are the 2019 OCW Rules for the EFED. Please follow them to ensure everyone has a great time.

1 - Each person may only control three characters at one time. A tag team counts as one character unless each character is also established as a singles wrestler.
2 - NPCs (Non-playable-characters) are there to help further your character, so do not abuse them.
3 - This is a game. Do not take real life offense to what is posted here.
4 - Remember that no two profiles can have the same face, please check the roster thread (http://wrestlingdesires.com/showthread.php?116750-Current-2019-OCW-Roster-(Updated-January-17th-2019)) to see who is taken.
5 - You're allowed as many RPs per match until set deadline.
6 - Each match will be graded OCW staff. If there is a member of the OCW staff in the match, then a member of the OCW staff that isn't in the match will grade the match.

*Grading will be explained HERE* (http://wrestlingdesires.com/showthread.php?117124-How-Your-Match-RPs-will-be-Graded)