View Full Version : How Your Match RPs will be Graded

01-19-2019, 06:24 AM
What Writers are Grading:

- Creativity is the overall and prevailing characteristic that writers are looking for. Try to think of something new and original to catch the audiences attention.

- Detail is essential. Don't pad out your RP's, to such an extent that it becomes a chore to read. Keep it on topic, and know when to end.

- Color is also judged because it affects the writers actual ability to read your RP. If you have a better color scheme your reader will appreciate it. So, although color is not essential, it is certainly an aid. This is a guide remember!

- Use of your Character's gimmick is crucial. You need to constantly be adapting your RP to your character's personality just so it has that realistic feel.

- Descriptive RPs are always better to read so always try to give accurate portraits of what's happening. The writer will always like the RP more if you do.

- Typos and grammar are a small but sometimes principle factor in judging a RP. If you can't convey your thoughts properly then the writer will not give you a good review.