The dark web has, for a long time, provided special accommodation to the masterminds and orchestrators of some of the world’s top known crimes.

This stems from the fact that the dark web is, in itself, hidden from the sharp eyes of law enforcement agencies.

To highlight this point, a 2016 World Drug Report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) made a targeted mention to the existence of a robust drug network that has been supported by the dark web.

Darknet criminals have been very elusive of the law, and they always appear to be several steps ahead of law enforcement efforts to contain online crime. Many countries have been unable to curb dark web crime by arresting and prosecuting key operatives.

Arguably, dark web crime is perceived to be a growing phenomenon with an increase in the rate of misuse surrounding Tor’s application. It is unfortunate that dark web infrastructures and the existence of jurisprudential loopholes have continued to frustrate police efforts to ensure sanity on all online platforms.
The Solution

Global nations continue to acknowledge that an active resolve is critical in the control of darknet crime. It is for this reason that an intersection between government and private sector has been encouraged in the establishment of a collective effort to clean the dark web mess.

In light of this effort, Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited and IntSights Cyber Intelligence Limited are rolling out an aggressive roadmap that will give dark web criminals a run for their money.

This decision is an offshoot of Fujitsu’s strategic resolution to expand its already-existing Global Managed Security Service and create a mechanism that will analyze dark web threats efficiently.
The Partnership

The Fujitsu-IntSights collaboration is considered to bear great potential in combatting the ramifications of negative dark web exposure.

The initiative, scheduled to be implemented in August 2018, will have full capability of harvesting dark web threat information for the benefit of online surveillance activities.

This scheme was presented at the Fujitsu Forum in May, which took place in Tokyo. In a presentation, Fujitsu was able to demonstrate how the proposed initiative will accord internet users with the power to monitor activities regarding their personal data.

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