Jon Jones wasn’t pleased with the questions he was getting over his drug test drama at a pre-UFC 232 press conference. MMAjunkie reports that Jones got testy with reporter Izabelle Kostic of Swedish MMA website over a question asking why he was once again the focal point of controversy regarding his drug tests.

When Jones initially tried to brush off the question with a “Next question” response and a smile, Kostic persisted and asked Dana White why Jones hasn’t been hit with a serious suspension over his drug test issues. That resulted in Jones trying to shut Kostic down, saying, “Sit down. Someone take the mic from her. Better questions. Better journalism….you suck. Have you been listening?”

Dana White said he didn’t hear the question, and told Jones to let Kostic speak. He shifted the question toward UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky as well. You can see video of the incident above