Jim Cornette thinks Cody and The Young Bucks are about to go all in.

With The Elite set to hit free agency and start their own promotion, all manner of wrestling pundits are chiming in with their predictions as to the success of a potential WWE competitor.

Jim Cornette appeared on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho to give his take on the state of the wrestling business, and what the future may hold for The Elite.

“Six months ago, I would have said wrestling sucks, for reasons including the things people send me,” Cornette said. “But Vince just got two billion dollars for a TV deal. That’s gonna be the biggest thing.”

Cornette went on to explain what FOX’s large investment in WWE Smackdown means for the wrestling business as a whole.

“People are looking at All In, and what The Bucks and Cody have done, the resurgence of New Japan, and this and that. Vince’s deal is going to be the most important thing,” Cornette said.

“Because now, people with platforms are interested in wrestling again. There’s a lot of money in wrestling again.”

Cornette believes that the time is perfect for a WWE competitor to hit it big.

“For 20 years, WWE has trained the people that the McMahons that run the company are the evil empire, they keep our favorite wrestlers under their thumbs, they threaten them with their livelihood,” Cornette said.

Cornette believes that the storyline portrayal of the WWE promoters as heels may have consciously, or subconsciously, contributed to the mainstream breakthrough of The Elite.

“So now 20 years later, these guys are starting to get hot… [With All In] they’ve hit on the brilliant idea that the boys are going to run their own show… And for once, the wrestlers get the money,” Cornette said.