Just fill out the below so we can get to know each other a bit. You are not obliged to answer questions you aren't comfortable with.

Favourite food
Favourite alcoholic beveridge
Favourite non alcohol beveridge
Favourite movie
Favourite actor
Favourite TV show
Favourite Band/artist
Favourite song
Last concert you went to
Places you would like to travel to

I'll start:

Age: 26
Occupation: Project Coordinator at a train maintenance company (it sounds more fancy than it is)
Hobbies: Playing guitar, camping, fishing, watching football (AFL), playing games
Favourite food: I love a curry. Any rice dish
Favourite alcoholic beveridge: Scotch
Favourite non alcohol beveridge: Coffee
Favourite movie: THe Usual Suspects
Favourite actor/actress: It used to be Kevin Spacey but after he was proven to be a creeper I can't say him anymore, so ill go Liam Neeson
Favourite TV show: The Simpsons, Parks and R ecreations
Favourite Band/artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Favourite song: Hard to just pick one, an all time favourite: How Soon is Now by The Smiths
Last concert you went to: Queens of the Stone Age a few months back, they put on a great show/
Places you would like to travel to: Europe (London, France, Belgium, Italy), Japan, Vietnam