We are looking for new members for our efed!

What is a wrestling efed you may ask? Simple!
On our message forum, you can sign up a character for you to use.
We already have a template for you to use, so you just fill in the blanks.

Sign-Up Template - Click Here

Then, once your character is approved by our efed staff, you will be booked into a match.

How matches work is simple.
We create a single post for your match, and in that post, you and your opponent will write out promos against one another.

Roleplay Match Threads - Click Here

You will have a specific deadline (usually a week or two) to submit your promos.
Once the deadline has passed, our judges will choose who wrote the best promo. This is how you win the match.
Of course, there are storylines involved, and the more members we gain, the more we can offer.

If anyone has any questions, just ask!