opening titles:
Various wrestlers arriving for the N. A. W event held in the Manhatten Centre.
Cut to the arena where Hawkeye welcomes the fans to Saturday Night Revolution.

Charlotte Flair (CEO of N. A. W), comes to The ring, shakes hands with Hawkeye before he leaves the ring to take his position at the announce table.

Miss Flair runs down the card for tonights event.

N.A.W Tag Match
The Minesotta Vixens Devon & Toni Storm vs Asuka & Ember Moon

N.A.W Women's tile Match (Street Fight Rules)
Paige vs Rhea Ripley

These are two of the incresdible matches on a jam packed card.

Miss Flair Then introduces the xommentary Team 'The Man with a hat fr every day of the week' good old JR Jim Ross comes down the asle to his usual Oklahoma Boomer suna music. The Arena goes black."gere comes The Moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, here comes the money' lights go up again, Shane Mcmahon, is seen dancing at the top of the ramp, runninf down to greet the other members and shakes miss flairs Hands.

we Cut outside the arena where a limo pulls up. Paige steps out of the limo holding her title around her shoulder. before we go to a break we cut to the vixens dressing room. both ladies are seen warming up.