In an interview with, Triple H talked about the negative reaction to Undertaker vs. Goldberg at Super Showdown in June:

"People can say what they want to say about Saudi Arabia or the match between Undertaker and Goldberg. Listen, my hats off to both of them, it was a bad situation. I can attest to it that it was about 105 degrees and 100 percent humidity at ringside and even Randy [Orton] and I, when we were talking about it afterward, there were moments where I wanted to change gears but I just cannot! Itís humanly impossible in this moment. It was like wrestling in a sauna, it really was.

And there was those moments like when you step out of a sauna and youíre like Ďjeez, Iím lightheaded I might pass outí Ė it was so ridiculously hot. And you put pressure on yourself and everything on top of that, so itís a lot.

Itís a funny thing in our business top, man. No one cuts anybody slack on anything Ė ever!"

When asked if Twitter and social media reactions made the situation seem worse than it was:

"Of course, yeah, yeah, yeah. It just begets negativity. Sometimes I have to remind myself with social media that as you read it, itís just all people reacting with passion. Their negativity is because theyíre passionate. They love this so much, theyíre passionate about it. But itís the forum and the way itís said. People will say the worst thing in the world on Twitter and they make it sound like if they walked in the room and you were on fire they would just walk away from you [laughs]. But yet if they saw Goldberg or ĎTaker they would be like in awe and speechless. Itís just the craziest thing.

And the whole time itís like Ďoh my god, youíve been an inspiration my entire lifeí Ė really? Because you just crapped all over me on social media as if I wasnít there. So itís a weird thing, but itís todayís world. Itís hard to put into words how they deal with it and what they say. Itís like being isolated, except the whole world can hear everything else. I saw a comedian one time talk about how when youíre a car by yourself, people can do the littlest thing and you will wish them death, you know what I mean? In the most aggressive and violent way possible because youíre by yourself in that world. But if they were in front of you would never say any of those things or do any of it and I donít know why because of that isolation. Twitter seems like that. Youíre all by yourself tweeting away but if that person was there or other people were in the room, itís different."