How did Apple fare over the course of 2019? Thatís what weíre aiming to discern in this piece, taking a look at the big launches for the company this year, and the positive advances, as well as the niggles and missteps, or even downright fails.

There was certainly a flurry of action at the close of 2019 in terms of new Mac products, as you probably noticed. But did these really hit the mark? In short, we think so, but read on for the much longer and more in-depth answer.

Note that we are primarily focusing on the computing side of Apple in this article Ė by which we mean Macs in the main Ė but we will also touch upon how the company performed elsewhere, such as in the mobile arena.

Super-sized MacBook
Apple brought in some rather pedestrian refreshes for its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops in the middle of the year, which were a definite disappointment to some. That said, Apple took much more decisive action in other respects, saving the best for last with a larger MacBook Pro 16-inch going on sale in November Ė which replaced the 15-inch notebooks, plus the MacBook 12-inch was killed off.