Nvidia has revealed its next-gen PhysX 5.0 which will be available in 2020 (coming ‘soon’, so presumably early on in the year), and the headline feature of the fancy new physics effects incorporated is the Finite Element Model (FEM).

If that sounds familiar, that’s because AMD just unveiled its own FEM solution, a multithreaded CPU library which is a physics method for simulating deformation, and implementing all sorts of fancy bending, shattering or melting effects in graphics for games.

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Nvidia’s initial announcement of FEM simply notes that this is an industry-standard technique for simulating deformation effects, and that: “It is used extensively in the automotive and manufacturing industries to accurately simulate the structural strength of both rigid and soft assemblies. It will be built into PhysX 5.0.”

Those were the only details we were provided with, although we did get a video of a beach scene to illustrate some of the realistic physics pertaining to a deckchair, and an inflatable flamingo. Not very exciting, it has to be said, but the effects themselves do look highly realistic, as you would hope.