Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy is reporting that multiple sources within WWE say Baron Corbin is not happy about his planned feud with Matt Riddle. According to the report, Riddle has known for several months that the plan was for him to work with Corbin following his move to SmackDown last week. With that being said, Corbin only found out about those plans last week.

Once he found out, Corbin was said to have been unhappy with the feud and allegedly insisted that Riddle “beat five enhancement talents” before facing him. As seen on SmackDown, Riddle beat Intercontinental champion AJ Styles in his SmackDown debut.

WWE began putting together a plan back in March to have Riddle and Corbin feud. Some of you may remember that it was Corbin who eliminated Riddle during the three-brand Survivor Series Elimination Match last November. Corbin then eliminated Riddle in just over 40 seconds during the men’s Rumble match.
I'm not sold on the idea that Corbin's a diva backstage and I'm also sure the direction is AJ/Riddle for the IC title. However, I can't see AJ losing the belt early or Riddle losing after seemingly being pushed, so maybe the direction is Corbin/Riddle.