Maria Kanellis took to Twitter today and commented on what the plan was for the storyline for her and Mike’s pregnancy storyline in WWE. As seen on RAW last year, Maria revealed that she was pregnant but Mike wasn’t the father. The angle eventually fell apart. Following this, Mike Kanellis asked for his release from the company.

Maria revealed today that Mike would have been revealed as the father in an arc that would have seen him turn face:

My husband. He was supposed to turn face. And do a story about recovery from addiction and motivation. But… that’s just too good. Too real. Too honest. And of course I was supposed to remain the bad guy. 😘 until I came back from maternity leave. Baby face momma!!

— MariaKanellisBennett (@MariaLKanellis) June 28, 2020
Source - EWN.

Fascinating. I'm sure, at the time, that many of us felt like it was another Vince's Son type angle where they were going to reveal something completely crazy like the return of Khali.