Rebecca Quinn is better known to wrestling fans as Becky Lynch. She recently spoke to about the origins of her ring name.

“When I was coming up with my name in WWE, I came up with a bunch of mad Irish names that I thought were cool,” Lynch said. Her character originally played up more of her Irish heritage in NXT. She later transitioned to a steam-punk inspired gimmick before adopting “the Man” persona.

“They wanted a name associated with my own name, like Rebecca,” said Lynch. “So I became Becky, and two of the names that came back to me were Becky Lynch and something like Madeleine. I was like, ‘I didn’t even submit that, I don’t know how it got in there.’ It made me think of that TV show Madeleine. Anyway, I said no to that, and the other name that came back was Robin Daly. I actually did like that, but I thought it would be better to have a part of my own name in there, so Becky Lynch it was.”

Lynch announced in May that her and Seth Rollins are expecting their first child. She has been gone from WWE since.

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