Their non compete clause and then the coronavirus pandemic stopped The Ascension from kicking off their post-WWE careers, but the former champions are now getting ready to make their mark with a new name.

The former WWE stars recently had an interview with WrestleZone where they talked about things like their time in the company, what they were planning before the lockdown and more.

During the interview Viktor revealed that they were originally going to use the name FKA which is an acronym for Ďformerly known así as their name but Konnor then revealed a different name which was suggested to them recently:

ďThe Awakening. Itís like itís the next step up from The Ascension, Itís still got that connection so the fans can understand it and itís something that Vik and I think is badass regardless.Ē

Konnor also explained how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their plans revealing that they were actually going to return to TV but those plans were halted. Though he did not reveal which promotion the duo was going to join.

The Ascension wrestled their final WWE match in April 2019. The two were released from the company in December that year after 8 months of inactivity and their non compete clause with the promotion expired in February 2020.