NXT presents the second night of the Great American Bash tonight. Last week’s episode garnered more total viewers than AEW’s first night of Fyter Fest, though they came up short in the 18-49 demo that advertisers value so much. Triple H spoke to SI.com recently about the healthy competition between the two brands.

He was asked if counter-programming is part of healthy competition.

“It absolutely is part of healthy of competition. Anyone that thinks it isn’t, to a degree, is being naive to the situation,” Triple H said. “You saw that back in the day when Clash of Champions was counter-programming [to WWE’s WrestleMania IV in 1988]. At the same point, it can’t drive your booking decisions.”

Triple H was also asked about how counter-booking impacts NXT’s creative. According to Triple H, however, he focusses more on what is right for NXT as opposed to countering AEW.

“Almost all of these storylines were headed where they are now. There was a gap, timing-wise, between In Your House and what will become the SummerSlam TakeOver, and you need a halfway point and a build. This is that halfway point. So it doesn’t change our decision-making process. I don’t counter-book, I book what’s right for NXT.”

Triple H also spoke about last week’s main event between Io Shirai and Sasha Banks, Keith Lee, and what fans can expect tonight.