WWE’s current Intercontinental champion AJ Styles has denied rumors regarding his move from RAW to SmackDown. Reports suggested that Styles had essentially been bullied off of Monday Night RAW and that the “Phenomenal One” was upset with Paul Heyman after Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were released by the promotion.

Speaking on a recent Mixer stream, Styles addressed the rumors head-on:

“[…] there were some rumors going around that AJ Styles left Raw to go to SmackDown because he was being bullied. That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Styles stated. “I’m a grown man. If there was some bullying going on that upset me enough to leave Raw and go to SmackDown, I would handle it…”

Styles then turned his attention to the supposed Heyman animosity regarding his former OC members. He stressed how “that’s now what it was at all. Not even close.” AJ Styles then shared a snippet of what he, Gallows and Anderson know by labeling Heyman a liar.

“He’s a liar, now you know. I’m sure you’ve heard that before if you go back to his ECW days, you’ll hear that. He’s a bold-faced liar. That’s my take on that.”

Styles’ former teammates, Gallows and Anderson, were let go by WWE as a cut cutting measure due to the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on business. They joined several other WWE Superstars and backstage personnel in being released.